Accidents abroad

Accidents abroad

USA, Canada, Turkey or EU

Have you been injured abroad? Injuries and traffic accidents suffered far from home are troublesome and raise many questions. What are my rights? Why did it happen? Who is responsible for this? What evidence shall I need? How much time do I have to submit my claim? It is vital to have a seasoned proffessional at your side from the very begining.


We operate in numerous countries including USA, Canada, Turkey and the whole European Union through the Global Justice Network. We work together with successful foreign lawyers who have accumulated vast experience over many years of their practice in the field of traffic accident injuries settlement.

Based on the afore mentioned, we offer you effective solutions in hard times of your life. We speak your language. We know how to assemble a well coordinated team of lawyers and experts to bring you success. We are here to provide you with free counseling and a free analysis that will come up with a proposed action plan for optimal results with regards to time and money. We honor the “no win – no fee” principle. If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay us.

Have you, your family members or your friends been involved in a traffic accident abroad? Go ahead and contact us.

For detailed information please call +420 733 60 80 91.

Let us help you!


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